The Fifth Republic….Into the Fourth Generation (of war)

Dymphna extrapolates on the trend of violence, asking when IEDs will make their appearance in Paris. My guess is when the police get a bit tougher in their tactics we will see the slow burning of Moslem violence turn to an inferno.

It didn’t take that to Start the Fire (hat tip: Billy Joel) last time France was burning. Remember the riots last year, all because the government was asking my generation living there to tolerate a couple years without a guaranteed job?

I still think France has some time to turn around. With EU Constitution being given a mortal blow a year or two ago, there is some creedance to the theory that the Frenchman on the street has had enough with the Brussels paperpushers. Maybe they’ll wrest control of their borders back from the European Superstate within a generation for just enough time to assimilate their Moslems. I’m not optimistic on this. I just think it’s possible.


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