The Losers in the Election

I’m not sure who the winners of the election are yet. The press seems to be leaning in the direction of divided government: The Dems taking the House with a remote possibility of taking the Senate. This is probably fairly likely. However, the Republicans may through some miracle manage to retain their grasp of the reins of power in both houses of the legislature.

In either case, a political party will be the winners of the midterm congressional elections.

The losers in this election will be the American fighting man and woman.

They will be the losers for myriad reasons. A few of which I will enumerate:

1. If the Democrats win, Bush will have to govern with a party that is anti-war in temperament. This Democratic Party is the party:

  • Of John “Fucking” Kerry, who thinks that just because he’s a Vietnam Vet, he has moral authority to pontificate on all war-related causes, to speak with scorn of the Americans in uniform, has the gall to apologize that I was offended because I misinterpreted his remarks. The John Kerry who says American “terrorize” Iraqis. The John Kerry that dishonored fellow Vietnam Veterans in front of the Senate. John Kerry isn’t of America. He’s in spite of America.
  • Of the Hollywierd Left, of Rosie O’Donnell, who, refused to answer the question, “Do you want the United States to win in Iraq?.” The Rosie O’Donnell who claims that evangelical Christians are just as dangerous as militant islamists. Don’t forget Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, and the rest of the California moonbats.
  • Of the treasonous slanderous like Kevin Barrett
  • Of the useful idiots like Cindy Sheehan, who court disaster with enemies of the United States.
  • Of the San Francisco loonies like Nancy Pelosi, who support such debauchery as adults-only street parties, cradle-to-grave entitlements, abortion-on-demand by youth girls (don’t tell me about a Woman’s Right to Choose–we’re talking about girls!), open borders to all people, whether their status is illegal or not, punishingly high taxes, etc.
  • Of the cocktail upper-crust moms and dads whose idea of national service is a combination of “dissent” (because dissent = democracy, right?!), of going to war when it doesn’t benefit American national interests (“SAVE DARFUR!”), and at the same time, preach “Just not my kids,” when they realize that someone has to man the posts, carry the rifles, work the radios, drive the HMMWVs, and walk patrol. These are the first cousins on the NIMBYs (Not In My BackYard). (Republicans–there are plenty of you like this too!)

I could go on and on. But bottom line, this is a party that is ill-tempered to govern in a time of war. They’d much rather “redeploy” to Afghanistan, Okinawa, or to the United States. They want to capture Osama bin Laden, thinking that if only he were captured, read him Miranda Rights, and thrown in a nice Club Gitmo style resort, that this whole terrorism nonsense would disappear.

This is no longer the party of JFK, of “What can you do for your country?” This is the party of nuanced classism, of subtle condescension, of faux-moral shrill, of those out of touch with the United States, and out of touch with the threats which we are facing.

2. Regardless of who wins, reform of the way the Pentagon fights war is just not in the cards. Proper oversight by congress of the DoD has not happened, and certainly will not happen if the Dems take control. The emphasis will continue to be on feeding the largest centrally-planned economy in the world: the Pentagon budget, with all of its waste and pork. Emphasis will not be placed on how to fight and sustain a fight in the Long War, counterinsurgency, coalition-building, correcting inter-agency mismanagement, of raising the number and types of troops needed for this war.

The Republicans only know how to totally support the President, or, if their neck is on the line, how to distance themselves from him. They do not know who to oversee the fight.

The Democrats only know how to oppose the President, and nothing more. Some want to run from Iraq. Some want to run from Afghanistan. They think this war is as much a military affair as the War on Poverty, or the Great Society programs. The military cannot win the Long War on its own, but sidelining it is a grave mistake.

3. The country seems more interested in the Me-ism that the late Vice Admiral Stockdale spoke of. MTV. Dr. 90210. Reality TV in general. What about my prescription drugs! I want gay marriage! We need to stop global warming! More gun control! Open borders! Send in the lawyers! . Does anybody know there’s a war going on?

I deploy, fight, and come back. And I wonder what country I’ve returned to.

There are 11 embedded reporters in all of Iraq. Most are reporting for foreign nations. 5 are American embeds in American units. America gets their news of what’s happening in the the Red Zone (all of Iraq less the Green Zone) from a bunch of desk-jockey Green Zone reporters who do not venture to see what’s happening.

Ask the average man on the street what are Phantom Fury, Matador, Spear, Steel Curtain. They don’t know. They don’t know that for the most part, the IED problem has been defeated to a nuisance that is still occasionally successful.

America doesn’t Support the Troops. They only say they do. And then they watch more TV.

That is why the loser in this midterm election is the American fighting man and woman.


2 Responses to The Losers in the Election

  1. Matt says:

    Hey, I just found your blog via GatesofVienna. I was wondering if you might answer a question I had pertaining to the military. It’s the second post down on my blog, thanks!

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks for answering. I appreciate it. My dad’s a doctor and has told me repeatedly there’s no way in hell I could join (he’s not against me joining, by the way). Flying an F-18 was the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do.

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