The Wilderness

Welcome, conservatives, to the wilderness. This is where we are now, because we have forgotten or forsaken our obligations to the Constitution and to the citizens of the United States. We earned this.

Do not despair about our predicament.

Some things have undoubtedly changed. The Dems control the House and will probably control the Senate. Real border security and immigration reform are not in the cards, unless you think reform = amnesty. Tax increases are more likely in 2009. Nothing significant will be done about entitlements. Watch of OBL’s reaction to the Democratic takeover of congress–I’m sure he’s delighted. None of these things are good.

But for the people who keep the wolves at bay–the warriors of this civilization, the situation is fundamentally the same. We are still at war with people who want to kill us. There are appeasers and apologists in government, like the former Nation of Islam organizer and recently elected Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison, and Cindy Sheehan. The ideas of these people need to be dealt with. Yet this was true before the election, and it is true after it. For the warriors, the situation is certainly more grave, but is fundamentally unchanged.

Now is the time for us to revisit our roots. What makes us conservative?

Is it our government programs? Entitlements? Open borders? Our gun ownership regulation? How about high taxes? That the UN is here?

None of these things.

This country is great because of the people here, because we’re Occidental, because this country was born on the frontier, which bred competitive, fit, industries, and energetic individuals and leaders. This country is great because it’s free.

Freedom needs protection–protection from people who know and understand the value of it, and consequently are willing to go to all lengths to protect it. We need to challenge our fellow citizens to understand the threat that we’re facing, and to implore them to take up arms–whether rhetorical, military, entrepreneurial, charitable, or civic.

American conservatives are unlike European conservatives, who try to conserve social orders and castes. American conservatives conserve freedom. This means keeping government small, taxes low, defense strong, and maintaining high-quality essential government services. This also means fighting terrorism–indeed, one of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms was Freedom from Fear.

So welcome to the wilderness. We will come out of this the stronger.

We have much work ahead. Do no despair–there is too much work to do and not enough time. Two years is all, and that is not much.


One Response to The Wilderness

  1. Dymphna says:

    It is indeed a wilderness, though I am not sanguine about our ability to move through it with so many among us who wish our demise. We could start with Ellison.

    I read very carefully your comment on my post and answered it just as carefully.

    We want the same things, but we do not see things the same way.

    Thank you for your corrections, though. I mis-spoke myself.

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