Israeli Situation: Dire

Increasingly, Israel’s “peace” is the “peace” defined in Ambrose Bierce’s Devil’s Dictionary.

Peace, n. In international affairs, the period of cheating between two periods of fighting.

I discussed Israel’s situation earlier this month. In a nutshell, Hizbollah continues to illegally import heavy weapons from Syria and Iran, further destabilizing Israel’s northern frontier. The UN is doing nothing to stop this rearmament.

Now, from the within the very core of Israel, the Hamas-led government of the Palistinian Authority is also undergoing an aggressive rearmament program. Knesset Member Limor Livnat (Likud) claims Egypt is actively aiding Hamas militants.

Things are certainly not going well for Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert doesn’t seem to understand the asymetrical 4GW threat he’s facing, as is shown by a recent speech whereby he claims that the American expedition to Iraq has brought stability to the region. Not even President Bush would say such a thing.

The Islamic Courts Union in Somalia seems to have been sending warriors to fight Israel during its war with Hizbollah. This is proof of a convergence between Al Qaeda and Iran against Israel.

Israel’s star (of David) has even fallen in the American press. Even without mention of the fauxtography practiced by Reuters stringers in Lebanon, it seems the mainstream press has become further biased against Israel, going so far as to falsly rewrite stories wired by reporters.

What to watch for in the future: A convergence between Al Qaeda In Iraq (AQIZ) warriors, Hizbollah, and Syria against Israel. Remember that these AQIZ fighters are experienced in warfare against technologically-advanced foes, and their numbers are in the thousands. The only thing tying these warriors down is the Coalition in Iraq. When the bloody knife of the Coalition is removed from the wound known as Iraq, the situation will become a lot more messy.

With Olmert essentially paralyzed, and Likud itching for a fight with Iran (which would certainly end in Israeli defeat – again), nobody is discussing the 4GW reforms required for Israel to win. Right now, Israel is counting on Hamas, Hizbollah, and Iran making huge mistakes, rather than preparing for victory. The strategy I outlined in here becomes even more salient.


One Response to Israeli Situation: Dire

  1. Snouck says:

    Olmert is at a loss. An utter mediocrity. Recently leadership in Western countries seems exceedingly weak. Politics is not attracting quality people anymore and it shows.

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