The State of Military History: A Retrospective

My recent post on the nature of the Professional ethic (with crosspost and seperate discussion here) brings into focus the requirement for a competent and scholarly academy to produce works of military history, as well as theoretical works on the arts and sciences of war.

A series of excellent posts at Chicago Boyz & ZenPundit are worth reviewing.  Where there are crosspostings, ensure you read both posts to get the full discussions.

These were exceedingly illuminating posts, and must thank Lexington Green and ZenPundit for their roles in the dialog.

As an aside, this academy need not be composed of professors, although they are necessary too.  The academy requires the active participation of practitioners–meaning actual officers.

Update:  Hanson wrote a good essay on military history and the academy (h/t to City Journal).  It can be found here.  It is definitely worth a read, too.


One Response to The State of Military History: A Retrospective

  1. A.E. says:

    Thank you for linking to these resources. I think Hanson’s essay is very valuable.

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