Friday War Picture (Updated)

Members of the Czechoslovak Legion in Vladivostok, 1918.

Update:  Check this out! (courtesy SWJ)


5 Responses to Friday War Picture (Updated)

  1. zenpundit says:

    The Czech Legion was probably the most militarily effective unit in the history of Czechosolvakia – which did not formally exist at that time. Regularly trounced more numerous Red (or White)units

  2. smitteneagle says:

    Indeed. For a time they single-handedly took over the Trans-Siberian Railroad–so they not only experienced the usual tactical superiority, but also operational superiority. During that time it was them, and only them, who determined who was stranded in the Siberian taiga, and who wasn’t.

    Also, the Latvian Rifle Regiments were probably elite formations.

  3. zenpundit says:

    The Czechs had been prisoner of war but in the old Tsarist empire, many of the best units were formed from ethnic minorities, from the Savage Division to various Cossack hosts. My assumption was the unit cohesion, better or distinctive equipment and semi-autonomous status from the incompetence of STAVKA and the Ministry of War helped tremendously.

  4. smitteneagle says:

    Interestingly, it seems that Russian units weren’t nearly as effective as minority-ethnicity units. There are other examples of this…The Ghurkas come to mind. Also, the all-Japanese regiment that fought for the Americans in WWII in the ETO was an exceptional unit.

    I suppose that the Regimental System of the UK supports this…as there were many Scots, Irish, and Welsh Regiments whose history match their legend.

    Can you think of other minority-ethnicity units that were superior?

  5. exkiwiforces says:

    Kia ora or G’day,

    The 28th Maori Battlion of the 2nd New Zealand Divsion (2 NZEF) during the WW2 and the Maori Pioneer Battlion of the 1 NZEF during WW1.
    In both world wars they give the Germans and he Allies a run for there money and in one case Rommel went on to say he wanted the Maoris, the NZ Div and the Australian Div’s locked up in the a Pow Camps than fight them as they give him more trouble than the Poms.


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