Note from SE: I have been quite busy lately with military duties, and have been unable to blog consistently. Today I have been able to get a few posts published, but the increased tempo of my duties continues. I will continue to post, but at irregular intervals. Check back often!

This video brings to mind my recent post on sustainability. The title is Degeneration:

The theme of this video is that we have not maintained the standards of past generations. Rather than build wealth, we redistribute it. Rather than accept consequences of accidental pregnancy, we abort. Growth no longer occurs.

Generations in the past built. They built farms, businesses, communities, and families. They worked, because they had to, and because it was virtuous. The notion of sustainability in it’s modern, politically-correct, autarkic, and anti-humanist form, was unknown.

Instead of sustainability, the focus was on frugality. Frugality was the notion that it was virtuous to get by on less, but absent any notions overtones that humanity is a blight on the world. Frugality leads to growth, as resources are channeled only to productive uses.

Frugality has given way to sustainability. Decisions to build are not longer made unless such buildings are considered ‘sustainable.’ These buildings are not mere structures: They are families, businesses, and communities.

We no longer build. Rather than build to create wealth, we redistribute wealth. Rather than invest in clean coal, wind power, or nuclear power, we give way to lawyers and lobbyists who do what they can to prevent such investments. Rather than drill oil wells and build offshore oil rigs, we give way to lawyers and lobbyists who claim that such investments will not decrease the price of oil tomorrow. And so we dither, complain, and blunder.

How do we fix this?

The solutions are simple, but simple tasks are often difficult. We must:

  • We must accept ownership and responsibility for your decisions, both past, present and future. This implies that we must pay for foolish financial mistakes as individuals, since those decisions were made individually.
  • Debts must be paid. When your debts are paid, and you invest in future profits rather than current consumption and future debt, those profits will likewise be yours, and will belong to nobody else.
  • Know and practice the Constitution. The Constitution is a document that works only if practiced, and it will be practiced by the government only to the extent that we, as citizens, make the government practice it.
  • Elect politicians that encourage personal responsibility and personal freedom. Such freedom is only social or political; it is also economic.
  • Request no handouts from fellow citizens, or the government. Request help from charities as needed.
  • Work. It is virtuous. Practice leisure to the extent that you have earned it.
  • Oppose practices that encourage decadence. Decadence is wasteful, and decadent practices hold both past and future generations in contempt.
  • Exercise your mind and body.
  • Purge your politics of notions that humanity is a blight on nature.  Such notions lead to nihilism.
  • Have faith. Faith breeds hope. Semper Fidelis.
  • Be resolute. Know that things will happen to you that are bad, and beyond your control. Accept that reality, and know that you will, with time and effort, overcome your foes.

One Response to Degeneration

  1. Jeff says:

    Exceptional post Eagle!

    Thank you for serving our country.

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