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August 5, 2008

My anger has been stewing. The honor of the the officer corps has been weakened.

Over the weekend, Galrahn at Information Dissemination broke the news that the new DDG-1000 Zumwalt class of destroyers were designed without capability for area air defense, a fatal flaw in the design of the ship. I have been silent on this topic for a couple of days, hoping my anger to settle somewhat, but it hasn’t.

This is a massive failure of the American officer corps.

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August 5, 2008

From Maximus I learned self-government, and not to be led aside by anything; and cheerfulness in all circumstances, as well as in illness; and a just mixture in the moral character of sweetness and dignity to do what was set before me. I observed that everybody believed that he thought as he spoke, and that in all that he did he never had any bad intention; and he never showed amazement and surprise, and was never in a hurry, and never put off doing a thing, nor was perplexed nor dejected, nor did he ever laugh to disguise his aggravation, nor, on the other hand, was he ever passionate or suspicious. He was accustomed to do acts of beneficence and was ready to forgive, and was free from all falsehood; and he presented the appearance of a man who could not be diverted from right rather than of a man who had been improved. I observed, too, that no man could ever think that he was despised by Maximus, or ever venture to think that himself a better man. He had also the art of being humorous in an agreeable way.

Marcus Aurelius, The Meditations, I:15

There are few figures like Maximus alive today. Where do we find them?

I think many of them are found in our resolute, obedient, and loyal enlisted force.  They do their required tasks without fanfare and drama.  Their stiff upper lips are tribute to their virtue.

There are surely other figures in the mold of Maximus in the world.  Where are they?

Excellent Discussion @ OSD!

August 4, 2008

And that’s not the Office of the Secretary of Defense! It’s Opposed Systems Design, and we’re talking about Tom Barnett’s proposed bifurcating of the military.

Check it out here and join the discussion.

New Reading List

August 3, 2008

Col Tom Hammes, of the Marines, has published a new reading list in Armed Forces Journal.  These books will undoubtedly be added to my personal reading program.

I have seen Col Hammes speak.  He gave a seminar to my unit back in 2004 on 4GW, although I think that most of the officers in attendance weren’t intellectually equipped to handle what Hammes had to say.  I impugn their lack of professionalism and lack of a personal program of independent study.

I will publish my personal reading list when I have completed it for public consumption.

The Hammes list is here.  Zen wrote about it here, too.

Quote to Ponder

August 3, 2008

“The quickest way to end a war is to lose it.”

George Orwell


August 3, 2008

Note from SE: I have been quite busy lately with military duties, and have been unable to blog consistently. Today I have been able to get a few posts published, but the increased tempo of my duties continues. I will continue to post, but at irregular intervals. Check back often!

This video brings to mind my recent post on sustainability. The title is Degeneration:

The theme of this video is that we have not maintained the standards of past generations. Rather than build wealth, we redistribute it. Rather than accept consequences of accidental pregnancy, we abort. Growth no longer occurs.

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Belated Friday War Picture

August 3, 2008

Marines of the First Marine Division storm the beaches of Guadalcanal on 7 August 1942. The Battle of Guadalcanal was the end of the beginning of the American portion of the World War II in the Pacific.