History Will Be Written

September 27, 2008

Metanote: The Checkrids went swimmingly. Thanks for the well-wishes by all who sent them. Lately SE has been exceptionally busy with training and consequently posting here has become sporadic. Apologies.

In the coming decades a history will be written explaining:

1) How the Greatest Generation endured the Greatest Generation, fought and won World War II, and then rebuilt society in the US and in Western Europe. The United States was the greatest creditor nation in history at that point, and the sacrifices of that generation were bestowed on the Baby Boomers in the form of material riches available to the middle class on the scale what what was available to kings and emperors centuries before.

2) The Baby Boomers took that rebuilt world, full of riches, and squandered them. The United States became the greatest debtor nation in history. A strange brew of individualistic license combined with identity politics worked to destroy the bonds that were painstakingly welded in the previous generation. The welfare state grew. Materialism replaced religion and erudition. Most of all, a sense of entitlement overcame the Baby Boomers, like a rich kid too eager to get their father’s hard-earned inheritance. This entitlement was paid for by going into debt.

3) The history will be written that the debts of our fathers were bequeathed to Generations X & Y. The Bailout of the Baby Boomers was not paid by the Baby Boomers, but by their children. In this sense, the Baby Boomers sold their children into a form of slavery.

I cannot say how that debt will be paid. I know it will be paid, and it will be paid by my cohort.

I can now only hope that my generation’s standards of living will decline. I wish this so that we may pay off the debts of our fathers and mothers, so we may bequeath this country, the greatest in history, to our children with less debt, and thus more freedom.

Sacrifice is what brings real riches. May my generation sacrifice all we can.