Obama is an empty suit…

July 18, 2008

…who’s judgement Changes based on the convenience.

Hand Salute:  tdaxp.

Heller Decision in Near Retrospect

July 1, 2008

Adler at Volokh brings up an excellent point:  Perhaps the Supreme Court isn’t as conservative as we thought. 

This, combined with the the fact many of the issues relating to the 2nd Ammendment still have to be litigated, leads me to the conclusion that the Heller decision may have been too premature for our own collective good.

I don’t think McCain is out of the running, but I think the odds of the Presidential race greatly favor Obama.  He is among the most liberal senators, and I’m sure his liberal politics will carry into his Supreme Court appointees.  I think the odds of the 2nd Amendment Amendment surviving an Obamic Supreme Court are slim.  At the same time, Obama’s stance on 2nd Amendment has changed.  And Change is what Obama is all about.

Obama Video Montage

June 27, 2008

Personal Jesus:

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Yes, We Shall: