A Strategic Clarion Call: Part I

June 12, 2009

Looking at my own intellectual journey, I find that creativity usually comes in short bursts that punctuate long periods of reading, reflection, and hard work.  About two weeks ago the National Security Blogosphere saw a great burst of creativity by the mind of Zenpundit.  In this post (read every word!), Zenpundit identified several issues that the last couple of years of operations in Iraq have brought to the fore: Read the rest of this entry »

Excellent Discussion @ OSD!

August 4, 2008

And that’s not the Office of the Secretary of Defense! It’s Opposed Systems Design, and we’re talking about Tom Barnett’s proposed bifurcating of the military.

Check it out here and join the discussion.

Thomas PM Barnett, Rule-Sets, and Democratic Sovereignty

June 20, 2008

In a recent post on the Thomas PM Barnett Weblog, Tom laments the Irish people voting against the Lisbon Treaty:

It is weird how the EU can let one country decide to run a plebiscite and then kill a treaty. Better is majority like we did with the Constitution.

(I might add that the Constitution wasn’t adopted by the United States by way of a majority; it required consensus of all thirteen states under the Articles of Confederation. Tom is correct, however, in that Treaty ratification today requires the consent of the Senate, which is not unanimity. But I digress…)

Tom’s view seems to fall in line with his views on forms of governance around the world: In the first of his books he discusses the concept of the Rule Set:

A collection of rules (both formal and informal) that delineates how some activity normally unfolds.

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